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In these fast-changing times, people are encountering uncharted territory in every area of the arts business. We provide a road map with a strategic route of action. As an "idea factory," this office generates concepts and solves problems through highly creative thinking, and makes valuable matches among professionals. The concept for the agency was born in 1978, when conductor/cellist Mstislav Rostropovich suggested that Ms. Shear open a business implementing musical projects for others as she had often done for him. Since then, NSAS has handled clients on an on-going basis as well as single events and projects, and has produced many concerts and events throughout NYC.

We work independently or in partnership with presenters to ensure that all concerts have as much good advance and post-event publicity as possible. We coordinate interview scheduling with the local and national media. For important concerts in major cities, we write and distribute press releases to promote the concerts. These releases are followed by thorough and thoughtful follow-up. We offer long-term advice and road-mapping to bring careers to the next level. We maintain press kits and biographies, select photographs, and create new and innovative pitches to the media. We specialize in CD releases and special events, offering the full scope of our office's services to our full-time clients. For examples of results and case studies,click here.

The special events and projects our office has covered range from international piano competitions to orchestral and solo concerts to opera premieres to CD and DVD releases. We also handle special events in dance, visual arts and theater. In addition to writing and distributing press releases and implementing thorough follow-up with the media, we advise about media advertising and flyers. For examples of results and case studies,click here.

The service of providing a road map with a strategic route of action is available independent of the company's on-going public relations and event production services. Recently, a manager, two instrumentalists, two chamber music ensembles, the head of a music school, the executive director of a major New York City research institution, a singer, and a young composer/pianist came to us for solutions to a wide range of problems: the best date to schedule a New York concert; ideas to generate increased attendance at a lecture/performance series; information about becoming affiliated with a publishing company; advice on obtaining management; suggestions about repertory and scheduling for new CD releases; the promotion of an important performance abroad; the proper handling of an injury sustained by a pianist; and advice to boost the career of a well-known artist whose number of bookings was decreasing. We also provide profile-consulting services to performers, assisting in the selection of headshots; researching and personalizing biographies; and offering advice on other press kit materials. Nancy Shear has presented lectures and seminars targeted to inform music presenters about savvy marketing and public relations procedures.